Reflectors - • Improves the resolution The Sun 8 The sun...

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Reflectors 1. No chromatic aberration 2. Smaller domes 3. Supported in the back (bigger diameters) 4. Cheaper to build Problems: 5. Can have spherical aberration but can be eliminated 6. About 10% of the light is lost at each reflection off of a mirror 7. The mirror oxides and must be periodically re-coated with aluminum Inter ferometers : using more than one telescope and combining the light
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Unformatted text preview: • Improves the resolution The Sun 8. The sun and all the stars are completely gaseous objects. • About 94% is hydrogen • 5.9% helium • 0.1% all other elements 9. Core- about 10% of solar diameter • Energy producing region 10. Radiative Zone- most of the solar interior. • So dense that a photon cannot pass through...
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