Electromagnetic Radiation - The energy of a photon is given...

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Electromagnetic Radiation - James Clerk Maxwell (1873) o Takes 8.3 minutes from Earth to Sun o C (speed of light in a vacuum ) = 186,000 miles/second C = λν = wavelength X frequency = speed of wave 2. Wavelength is the distance between wave crests Electromagnetic Spectrum o Gamma ray - x-ray - ultra violet - visual - infrared - micro wave Eye Sensitivity o Violet(400) - blue(480) - green(550) - yellow(600) - red(680) Wavelength = nm o ROY G. BIV Photoelectric Effect o Light hitting certain materials will cause electrons to be ejected from the material. It was found that this effect depended strongly on the wavelength (color) of the light - Einstein o Photons - have no mass and move at the speed of light
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Unformatted text preview: The energy of a photon is given by: E = hc/ = h Where h is a physical constant called Planck's constant. Young's Double Slit Experiment (1801) n = 2 - dark n = 1 n = 0 - bright n = 1 n = 2 - dark 3. Black is essentially the absence of color Black body - all electromagnetic radiation that hits a black body is absorbed. It is an object that is a perfect radiator when hot and a perfect absorber when cool o Stars are an example of an almost perfect black body o 3 laws of blackbodies 4. Planck's Law - predicts how much electromagnetic radiation is coming out at every wavelength for a blackbody at a particular temperature....
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Electromagnetic Radiation - The energy of a photon is given...

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