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L15W09_MIC105_FunWithC1.026 - Methanogenesis From CO2:02...

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Unformatted text preview: Methanogenesis From CO2 (:02 + 4H2 4:» CH4 + 2H20 so“ = 43m H2 is the electran danar (partial pressure at iatm same termentatians not really lavarable, and generally linked ta H2 cansuming reactians] (IO2 terminal electran acceptar Fixes C02 anta MFR then passes stepwise ta each catactar, lasing an axygen ta Farm H20 Flaw at electrans caupled ta transmembrane sadium gradient [required for grawth) - like halaphiles Enzymes that catalyze each step require metals F420 required nickel and iran C02 + MFR +3H -> CHO-MFR + H20 (tungsten and malybdenum) ...
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