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GenPsychScientificMethodsPart1 - Class Outline The nature...

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Class Outline The nature of scientific thinking. Scientific theories. The Nature of Science The scientific method allows us to declare our conclusions to be probable to the point where it is reasonable to treat them as factual . Scientific open-mindedness is the willingness to consider proper evidence and possibly revise our theories. It is NOT the unquestioning acceptance of any possibility in the absence of evidence. We apply the rigorous and systematic methods of scientific study to ensure that our claims are firmly grounded and our revisions reflect an improved understanding of the phenomena under scrutiny. The Research Process Scientific research is a technical refinement of one of the ways that we naturally think: the way that is commo nly called “rational”: 1. Ask a question / specify a problem. 2. Carefully and systematically make relevant observations. 3. Form a hypothesis (a claim): Draw the most logical conclusions based on all the observations.
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