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Tyler Carlson FAD 2230 Section 14 Communication Log #1 Upon being told to teach someone about what and how to use the “time out” strategy, I was faced with the decision who to attempt to teach. I felt like Dr. Phil or someone looking to cast for the Springer show, but I decided to teach my buddy from my hometown in Tampa. I was fairly certain that he was not going to take this assignment seriously, but after initiating the topic it seemed to go over relatively well. I explained to them the different times to initiate the tactic, and what signs show when to do so. His conclusive reaction to the strategy, could be described most simply by what he said, “ this might actually work.” Although he wasn’t blown away he did however see where this could be put in effect with a high chance of success. I don’t believe that I could have use the strategy with him that well because of the nature of our arguments don’t extend that
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