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Tyler Carlson October 27, 2009 Fad 2230 Section 14 Communications Log #2 Part A: Experiment #1: Upon returning home to Tampa to see the parents over the weekend I decided it would be a perfect time to incorporate this listening technique. After unpacking my clothes for the weekend and dirty clothes that my mom would hopefully wash, my parents and I sat down for dinner. We began talking about currently how school was going and eventually led into my father bringing up the amount of money spending. Instead of getting defensive and making excuses about I need money for this and that, I just listened silently. He touched on how my job in school wasn’t to spend money and go crazy, but instead my number one priority is schoolwork. My decision to stay quiet and listen to his points, led to a more productive arrangement. After he and then my mother finished their spiel, I told him some of the reasons why so much money was being spent. We continued to discuss this and eventually decided on my weekly budget being expanded about 40 dollars a week. By listening and not adding my two cents off the back, it allowed my parents to voice their opinion, and make it clear to me where they were coming from. And by both of us being on the same page on the topic I ended up benefiting. Incorporating listening techniques such as allowing the speaker to finish speaking without interrupting her train of
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Carlson_TylerCL2 - Tyler Carlson October 27, 2009 Fad 2230...

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