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Andrew T. Hedrick Chem 32 Section S Experiment 5 – The Alkaline Earths and the Halogens – Two Families in the Periodic Table Prelaboratory Questions 1. Using the periodic table, predict as best you can the molecular formula and  boiling point of Radon, Rn, the only radioactive element in this family. Rn –67ºC 2. When a solution of A is mixed with one containing C- ions, the color changes  from green to red. Which species is oxidized? Which is reduced? C-, A    When a solution of A is mixed with one containing B- ions, the color remains 
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Unformatted text preview: green. Is A a better oxidizing agent than C? Than B? Yes, No Arrange A, B, and C in order of increasing strengths as oxidizing agents. C, A, B 3. Given the availability of solutions A, B, and C, develop a procedure for identifying the salt present in your unknown. Put salt in B, if no change salt is B-; If changes put in A, if no change salt is A-; If no change, salt is C-....
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