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Experiment 11 - sources of error would occur due to...

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Andrew T. Hedrick Chem 32 Section S 11/8/02 Experiment 11 – Crystal Models of Metals and Ionic Compounds Purpose:  To understand the concept of the unit cell in crystalline solids. To  construct models of unit cells for several metallic and ionic substances. To  calculate various quantities, such as atomic radii and theoretical density from unit  cell data. Experimental Plan:  The instructions for this plan were based on The  Thompson  General Chemistry 2  Lab Manual, pages 119-131. There were no changes in this  lab. Data and Observations: Please see the attached sheet. Calculations: Please see the attached sheet. Results:  Atomic radius, mass, volume, and density were all able to be calculated  from observed properties as well as given  a  values. Conclusion:  Construction of models of unit cells allows us to calculate quantities  of atomic radii and density. Using this (and Avogadro’s number), we are able to  distinguish different chemical properties as well as lattice properties. Possible 
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Unformatted text preview: sources of error would occur due to rounding during calculations. Andrew T. Hedrick Chem 32 Section S 11/8/02 Part I Part II Structure Arrangement of anions Hole Geometry Holes filled CN + CN-Z + Z-Mass (g) Volume (cm 3 ) CsCl primitive cubic cubic 1/1 8 8 1 1 2.7969x10-22 6.9427x10-23 AgCl face centered cubic octahedral 1/1 6 6 4 4 1.616x10-21 1.708x10-22 CuI face centered cubic tetrahedral 1/2 4 4 4 4 1.2654x10-21 2.211x10-22 Li 2 S face centered cubic tetrahedral 1/1 4 8 8 4 6.974x10-22 1.851x10-22 Structure Arrangement of atoms Radius (in cm) C N Z Mass (g) Volume (cm 3 ) Density (g/cm 3 ) -Ni face-centered cubic 1.246x10-8 12 4 3.8997x10-22 4.376x10-23 8.912 -Ni hexagonal closest packed 1.33x10-8 12 2 1.9498x10-22 9.106x10-23 2.141 -Fe body-centered cubic 1.2412x10-8 8 2 1.855x10-22 2.355x10-23 7.878 Si diamond cubic 1.1757x10-8 4 8 3.732x10-22 1.601x10-23 2.33...
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Experiment 11 - sources of error would occur due to...

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