case9 - Sheet1 Page 1 after all the readings of various...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 after all the readings of various articles and case law opinions...argue your decisions from a ethical perspective ( motives/consequences of the parties to these cases and is your decision enforcing what is good behavior for the greatest good for the greatest number of individuals) Problem I Over an approximately forty-year time span, several well-known authors gave Random House, Inc., an exclusive license to & print, publish and sell& their specific works 0 in book form.& The authors later individually contracted with Rosetta Books, giving Rosetta Books a license to print exactly the same text as electronic books, or e-books. The e- books would have different online covers, title pages, and forewords, along with various other features unique to the electronic format. When the e-books came out in 2001, Random House filed suit against Rosetta Books, alleging copyright infringement and asking for an i8njunction to prohibit Rosetta from offering these works in digital form. Assume that you ate the judge in the federal court hearing this case and answer the following questions: Issue: Did contracts in which the authors had licensed Random House to ¡ print, publish and sell3 their works in ¢book form& include the right to publish their works in electronic formats (as “ e-books“ ) as well? Relying on the language of the publishing agreement and basic doctrine of contract interpretation, Comparison with other cases Boosey and Bartsch v. Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. sIn Bartsch, the author of the play UMaytime“ granted Harry Bartsch in 1930 “ the motion picture righ Judge Henry Friendly, for the Second Circuit, wrote in 1968 that & any effort to reconstruct what th Random House has tried to compare it case with the above case. First, the language containing in these case were far broadening than this case. In this case the ¤ n Even the persons Random House also conclude that digital text can be manipulated in several wa We as a judge also relied upon additional language that was included in the grant of right clause t...
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case9 - Sheet1 Page 1 after all the readings of various...

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