After reading and debating this issue

After reading and debating this issue - After reading and...

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After reading and debating this issue, who do you think is responsible for what goes on in the corporate world? Who, if anyone, should be held accountable and how come? With whom do you agree? Circumstances and pressure have some effect on the decision an individual makes. But as an employee of a company one can’t define his/her own policies. An employee has to follow the regular decision making process. In an organized sector there is always a policy which assists in taking decisions. Still there are circumstances which are not faced earlier or not considered while building these policies. This is the situation in which an individual uses his own abilities to come across new circumstances. Abilities are what one has experienced before and what he/she has done earlier. Here is where “determinist” decision comes into picture. In this changing and challenging world of business it is evident that most of the challenges/circumstances are new to an individual. Thus, it is more of a determinist
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