All_2055_Notes_Test1 - History 2055(Spring 2010 Wednesday January 20 Went over syllabus o Need to buy books Assistant Spencer McBride o Himes 313 o

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History 2055 (Spring 2010) Wednesday, January 20 Went over syllabus. o Need to buy books. Assistant: Spencer McBride o Himes 313 o o [email protected] Friday, January 22 Early European Exploration and Settlement and Indians Exploration Begins o Events that make it possible: Spain funds Columbus. There are some inventions that begin sweeping Europe in the 1400’s: the printing press. Borrowed from other places; has a huge affect, before the printing press there were books before, but very view; usual in churches and usually handwritten; very few people had books, very few people were literate. The printing press changes that somewhat. It was still a slow process with printing press but it was so much faster and cheaper than hand written ones. So when information needed to be spread to could be printed and spread faster. Europe to Asia information about exploration. Other inventions, allow ships to go into the open ocean, had been doing it in the Mediterranean Sea, but not out into the open ocean. The boats weren’t really strong enough and that didn’t have necessary navigation systems. So there was an introduction of a navigation system: a compass. Before this they used the stars, but what about a cloudy day or night? They improve a lot of things on the boats. The resources are also required for this exploration. They knew pretty much how big the ocean was and how long the trip would be, they didn’t expect to run into this huge land mass between these two continents. In a way, Columbus got it all wrong and was very lucky they ran into a land mass. He was very convincing. He believed that everyone was wrong about the size of the earth and that it was actually a whole lot smaller than they think and since it was smaller it was possible to sail to Asia. He went against everyone. The timing of his trip was convenient as well. He has the big bucks now. One of the first to form was Spain. A king and queen married to form and make Spain. They also joined financial resources. This is one of the first powerful nations to form. It was a superpower. It had more money than any other nation. Uses wealth to build up. Iberian Peninsula: this project of running the people who inhabit it now out is successful. They have the money, why not support what Columbus does? He lucked out. He was wrong about the size too. The only reason he and his men made it back is because they bumped into the Bahamas’ islands. Columbus sailed directly across. Western Europeans had been sailing before but not the same as his. Why
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do they explore? Wealth . Even before the Trans-Atlantic stuff. The over land stuff. Being greedy. Also spreading Christianity . At the time this is beginning, Europe is entering a state of religious turmoil. You have Protestants and Catholics fighting each other. There are even wars! Spain during this period remained Catholic. It was bound and determined to remain this way, even if you had to kill, run-off the Protestants. They had
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All_2055_Notes_Test1 - History 2055(Spring 2010 Wednesday January 20 Went over syllabus o Need to buy books Assistant Spencer McBride o Himes 313 o

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