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1. Congressional Representative (in the U.S. House of Representatives) = 1 st paragraph i. look up your congressional district ii. your congressional representative iii. his/her party affiliation iv. when he/she was elected to this office v. his/her interests and committees he/she serve on vi. his/her contact information – e-mail, phone, fax, mailing address 2. California State Senate (same information above) = 2 nd paragraph 3. California State Assembly (same information above) = 3 rd paragraph 4. Your local government representatives – mayor and city council members (same information above EXCEPT FOR PARTY AFFILIATION. Mayors and city council members are not required to reveal their party affiliation) = 4 th paragraph 5. Sources of your information (Bibliography) B. Freedom to Learn Exercise (Submit 2-4 pages, double space). It is MANDATORY and worth 100 points. Based on the information you gathered on your representatives above, identify a problem or an issue that you and/or your representative(s) are concerned about
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