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Puzzle Answer Sheet 2 - specified in the Calendar link on...

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Send to: [email protected] ONLINE Puzzle #2 Type Student Name Here: ANSWERS TO ONLINE BUSINESS LAW CROSSWORD PUZZLE Note: Please SAVE this document (in MS WORD format) to your computer, and then, type in the correct answers in the boxes below. Then, do this with the document: 1. “Select All” by clicking on CTRL + A. 2. “Copy” this entire document by clicking on CTRL + C. 3. Open your e-mail system and “Paste” this document into an e-mail. Click CTRL + V. -Do not e-mail using the Blackboard system; use your own web provider's e-mail system. 4. Send e-mail to Dr. Hamilton at the correct COX address by the due date
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Unformatted text preview: specified in the Calendar link on the HOME page. Answers Across: Answers Down: 1 Hcaerb 2 Bait 3 Yrettab 4 Burglary 5 Assault 6 50 7 Counter advertising 7 Contributory 15 Truth 8 Negligence 17 Libel 9 Embezzlement 19 arson 10 defamation 20 Three 11 Entrapment 22 copyright 12 Indictment 24 Risk 13 invitee 27 implied 14 Person 28 Conversion 16 Rule 29 insanity 18 Larceny 30 Rico 21 Elbuod 31 yreffup 23 Privity 25 strict 26 moss NOTE: PUT YOUR LAST NAME (FIRST), THEN YOUR FIRST NAME (SECOND) IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE E-MAIL ADDRESS (PUT NOTHING ELSE)… E.g., Doe, Mary Songyi Han...
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