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Puzzle 1 - 11 13 15 18 19 21 23 24 25 26 PUZZLE#1 CHAPTERS...

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Unformatted text preview: 11 13 15 18 19 21 23 24 25 26 PUZZLE #1: CHAPTERS 1 AND 3 Place answers on Answer Sheet ACROSS A form of ADR where a neutral 3” party helps those in dispute negotiate a settlement (spelled backward) The relief given to a party to enforce a right or get compensated for violation of a right. E.g., You hit me over the head, and | ask for $5,000 to compensate me. This is a law passed by a legislature (as opposed to case law) The PROCESS of selecting ajury (and perhaps, of excusing prospectivejurors) (2 words, spelled backward) This is “the authorityl'power of a court to hear and decide a particular matter" When a matter is “remanded" by an appellate court, this means it is sent back down to the original court for a trial By court decision, the Commerce Clause ofthe Constitution has been extended to cover any commercial activity that would substantially “ ” interstate commerce. This is defined very broadly (almost anything would qualify). With substantive due process, if a law limits a right it will be held unconstitutional unless it can show it had a compellingloverriding interest (more important right than the individual’s Constitutional right); -hard to show This is are written statements of the parties on facts, charges, and defenses; Examples would be the Complaint and Answer (singular form; not plural) This kind of law defines, describes, regulates, and creates legal rights and obligations; what you canl'cannot do Procedurally, a plaintiff's written response to a defendant's answer; in the federal courts, a response to the defendant’s “counterclaim” (similar to an “answer”) In the jury selection process, a party can have a prospective juror dismissed for (almost) any reason; need not explain the reason to the judge, if used, we say the person is “ " challenged; limited number of challenges This is the proper geographic districtllocation for trial (spelled backward) As part of the “pleadings,” a document where the plaintiff alleges wrongdoing by the defendant; this is filed with the court and starts the legal process in a lawsuit The “ " law developed from custom and old English (and U.S.) courts; “unwritten law"; not statutory 27 Business Law 110 - Online DR. CHRIS HAMILTON Send answers as an E-mail attachment to: BusinessLaw110©aoLcom I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIEI II IIIII III IIIIII Originally, at common law, there were two courts in England. The law court dealt with “law" remedies and the other court dealt with remedies that were called courts of “ .” Today, in the U.S. the courts are merged, but we still plead these “remedies.” DOWN With this, a party must answer, under oath, written questions submitted by the other side; part of the discovery process This “Process" clause in the Constitution stops the government from taking “life, liberty, or property" (spelled backward). To have this, one must showthat she has a sufficient stake in the matter to be able to bring a lawsuit; actual injury or threatened injury (spelled backward) Aform of ADR where parties in dispute argue their case before a neutral 3MI party (who then makes an “award") NOTE: Place your name in the subiect line of vour email I III-II:- I IIIIIII I IIIIII 10 A process where, with “case law," judges would follow (“abide by") precedents established in prior decisions (2 words) 12 A “ ” of Certiorari is where a higher court, in order to review an action, asks for the records of a lower court 14 The Constitution specifically states that Congress has the power to regulate this kind of commerce; it reaches beyond a state's boundaries 15 With this kind of “challenge" of a prospectivejuror, the judge must be given a reasonlshown bias before thejuror will be dismissed (2 words) 16 The PROCESS of gathering evidence to (possibly) be used at trial 17 A court decisionlrule that furnishes authority for deciding subsequent cases involving the same subject (spelled backward) 20 This is the party against whom an appeal is taken 22 The opposite of criminal law; it deals with definitions and enforcement of all public and private rights (spelled backward). d as ...
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