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english Theme Macbeth - Ambition I think the theme in this...

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Ambition I think the theme in this play(Macbeth) is Ambition. Macbeth wanted to hold Scotland with a n absolute authority. In this play, several people got killed by Macbeth for his ambition. King Duncan, he gave him(Macbeth) a high position of Cawdor, and Banquo, he was a faithfulness man of Macbeth, even if they both were nice to Macbeth, but they got killed by Macbeth. And one of the soldiers, who was protecting King Duncan's castle, he was falsely accused of killing King Duncan by Macbeth and his wife, so he also got killed by Macbeth and his wife. Like th ese happening, this play is developed by Macbeth's and his wife's ambitions. But, they got fai led eventually. From the play, Macbeth and his wife was planning to kill King Duncan, Macbeth's wife sai d "When Duncan is asleep-the day's hard journey has definitely made him tired-I'll get his tw o servants so drunk that their memory will go up in smoke through the chimneys of their bra ins. When they lie asleep like pigs, so drunk they'll be dead to the world, what won't you and
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