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English_narrative[1] - Daniel Shin English 1004...

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Daniel Shin English 1004 September-25-09 Vacation Every summer vacation, our family always go to trip. We went to many places in Korea. I’m going to tell you one of my best family trips when I was 8 th grade in Korea. My dad went to a graduates´ association and met one of his best friends Mr. Dong. My dad suggested to Mr. Dong that let’s have a family trip. Mr. Dong agreed with my dad’s suggestion and we had a double family trip. We decided to go to the beach, Haeundae. Haeundae is one of most famous beach in Korea so our family was so excited. However, when we were going there, it was hard to get there because we had to go through many big mountains, a lot of curves, and we stuck on the traffic for four hours. I spend the time looking at the big mountains and beautiful streams. I didn’t know that our country has huge and beautiful mountain. I thought that I am watching an oriental painting because the mountains were covered huge gray rocks and dark green pine trees. Also, I saw waterfalls in the middle of the mountains. Finally, our family and Mr. Dong’s family arrived at the beach. We were frozen for a moment because thousands and thousands of people were there. It seemed to be swarms of ants swimming in the big pool. I heard that 2, 0000 people visited there. Also, the sand color was dark black. I’d never seen a beach that dark black sand. I usually saw yellow sand or white sand. The beach was very hot, about 80~86 ˚ F, like a desert because the sand color, people’s heat and the time was middle of the summer. However, when we went in the water, we forgot all of the bad situations. My dad and Mr. Dong went to the fishing spot where big waves and scraps have. My
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dad is crazy about fishing. I think my dad loves fishing more than me. He carried a huge fishing
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English_narrative[1] - Daniel Shin English 1004...

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