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Ghil-hoon, Cho Bible 3, 3A August 11th 2009 I don't think i am a faithful Christian yet. I am trying to be a real Christian now. I think we need to know why Jesus sacrificed. He sacrificed for our sins, so we have to pay back to Jesus by following what Jesus has done. After I started to believe in Jesus, feel so good now. I think I have been smiling more than before I believe in Jesus. I’m pretty sure we are in Satan’s territory, but Jesus wants us not to stay in Satan’s world, so when we die God just rescue us from evil things. Sincerity in salvation is one of the basic things to believe in God. We have to give Jesus a truth. A hypocrite means that the person who pretends to have beliefs
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Unformatted text preview: that they don’t really have, for example heresy is an example, they don’t believe in God, but they pretend to believe in God for their own profits. I think ‘Fruit’ in a Christian walk means the mind that we realize who God is. I’m struggling with temptation. I could be lazy and selfish. When school began last year, if I had 1000 miles far away from god, now I have 600 miles far away from God. There is nothing that I want to get out of this class. I’m Ghil-hoon, Cho from South Korea. I like playing soccer, basketball. I want to study the way to get closer to God....
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