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Ghil-hoon. Cho American History, 4B 09/29/09 The secret to a great job? A great resume Summary: For most job seekers looking for work, the key to getting hired is in their resume. Darrin Bailey he had lost his job. Then he tried to get a job but he failed every single time. He found a local resume writer, Cheryl Palmer, and paid her about $150 to spruce up his resume. She told him the wrong things in his information, and she changed those things up. After that,
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Unformatted text preview: finally, Bailey got a job. Analysis: Recently, so many people lost their employment. Also, an unemployment rate is increasing now. If an unemployment rate is increasing, economy will get a big damage. The article that I picked shows you an example of way to get a job. Of course you can use different way to get your job. I just want you to know this for reference ....
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