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Ghil Hoon Cho Physical Science 1A My partner for Science Fair Project is Jaylon Anderson. I picked the topic which is "Are the n ight insect attracted to lamps because of heat of light?". When night time, you can see some the night insects around your house. When the night inse cts always have been and fly around the light. At this time, we can ask why the night insects always fly around the light. Somebody think that because of light, because of heat, or electric ity. As my opinion, i thought heat is answer, because I thought the night insects like warm pl ace. but I was wrong. The night insects attract light. The night Insects are trying to use the li ght as a guide to which direction they should go. In nature, the light available at night comes from the moon, and the night insects use the direction of the light to know which way to go.
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Unformatted text preview: But they are not trying to reach the moon. Artifical light confuses them and they go right tow ard it. From. ..( I told the night insects follow the lamp for the light. But, I think that there are someone does not believe my speaking. So, I planned to test about this hypothesis. There are two light ball s on the big plastic box. One of them has weaker lightning than the other light ball. And put 10 night insects into the box. And we just focus on that plastic box which light ball attracts m ore night insects. Definitely, the stronger light ball will attract more night insects than weak er light ball....
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