rutherford's theory

rutherford's theory - objective through his experiment Also...

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Ghil Hoon, Cho Chemistry, 1A 10/15/09 Rutherford’s experiment
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Rutherford’s atomic theory is well-organized. Rutherford’s atomic theory is about reflection of beam of alpha particles. So, he made an experiment about his atomic theory. When beam of alpha particles got shot to the gold foil, it goes through the lead screen with silt. And then, the alpha particles hit the gold foil on the middle. Now on, some alpha particles hit the nucleus of the gold atom, then the alpha particles are reflected to everywhere and hit the movable fluorescent screens. And other alpha particles just go through the gold foil and reach to the other side. If you look at a picture of Rutherford’s Experiment, some alpha particles that go between the nucleuses of the gold atoms have little or no deflection, and other alpha particles that hit the nucleus have large deflection. So, his atomic theory had evidences. This Rutherford theory has been tested by this experiment. His atomic theory became
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Unformatted text preview: objective through his experiment. Also anyone can see what happen in his experiment and will agree with Rutherford’s atomic theory. Conclusion of this experiment can demonstrate the theory. However, when we try an experiment of his theory, I think couple of errors can be happened. Theoretically, every stuff in the experiment has to be correct, but when we try it, we can mistake something. If the gold foil is not 100 percent of gold, other substances can be mixed with gold. Then the conclusion should be changed. The theory has been generally accepted in the scientific community. Rutherford’s atomic theory has been using for a while. It is on the chemistry text book and we are learning about it, that means his atomic theory has been accepted in the scientific community. So I do think there is nothing wrong with Rutherford’s atomic theory and this theory definitely contributed to science and developed science too....
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rutherford's theory - objective through his experiment Also...

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