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Ghil Hoon Cho 11-12 1. Where is the Byzantine capital? a. Rome b. Madrid c. Constantinople d. Vatican 2. where did Constantine build Constantinople at? a. Europe and Asia meet b. Europe and Africa meet c. Asian and Africa meet d. Russia and Northern Europe meet 3. which one is about Justinian? a. He ruled Vatican. b. His wife is Elizabeth. c. His enthusiasm for knowledge. d. He didn’t have resposibility for government. 4. What does clergy mean? a. church officials such as priests and bishops. b. church members who were intersely interested in religious matters. c. church members who took care the offerings. d. church officials such as dustman. 5. Which one is an Italian trading city? a. Venice b. Constantinople c. Vatican d. Rome
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Who is the prophet of Islam? a. Jesus b. Marie c. Muhammad d. Gandhi 7. What is the religious book of Islam? a. Bible b. Quran c. Vocab d. Les miserable 8. Why Makkah was impoetant? a. Makkah was a best religious place. b. Makkah was a best industrial place. c. Makkah was a best political place. d. Makkah was a best trading place. 9. What is Ramadan? a. prayer leader b. a building that may serve as a place of worship c. the fifth pillar of Islam is the annual pilgrimage d. the ninth month in the Muslim calendar. 10. Who is the sunni? a. the majority of Muslim b. the smaller group of Muslims who followed Ali and Husayn c. the opposite side of Muslim d. the rebeling group against Christian...
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