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World History Essay Ghil Hoon. Cho The Worst Julio-Claudian Emperors (Tiberius and Claudius) Tiberius is the second emperor of Roman for 43 B.C. to 37 B.C. Also, he is Augustus's adopted son. He was good emperor. He made the frontier stronger and earned money lot better than before. Also he was really good at administration, extended territorries. He did a lot of good things, however he stopped playing Gladiator game and chariot either. And he wasted money a lot. So, he didn't have popular supports. End of his emperor, he moved to Capri for living. And then, he governed Rome empire through
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Unformatted text preview: general Lukius Amerius. So popular supports was getting less and less. Claudius is the fourth emperor of Rome for 10 B.C to 54 B.C. Also, he is Tiberius's nephew. He was originally weak, he spoke falteringly and walked with drag his feet. He was really different with his brother and father. Even if Roman government treated him really bad, but history has treated him as well. Because he developed Roman history and solved rule of relationship with other countries. But he didn't have popular supports like Tiberius....
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