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how japan and chian - to colonize other countries for...

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Japan is an island country. They didn't have any resources. They was li ved by the sea with trade. Japan was never occupied or colonised by any  European countries. And in the early days of trade, they were kept isol ated and mixing with the local population was not allowed. When western  Imperialism was becoming ugly head, Japan built up military to confront  it. Japanese military was stronger to not only deafeat wastern forces,  but also they wanted to be animperialistic Country. Then Japan started 
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Unformatted text preview: to colonize other countries for getting stronger. Many Chinese citizens actually blamed the government for the problems t hat they faced. They reacted by starting riots and opposing the govt. A lso they cut trades back. When imperialism came to China, they were too disorganized to confront it. China doesn't want imperialism to comes to them. China managed to d efend itself, but not as well as it could have....
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