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Solution to Chapter #1 Textbook Exercise Chapter 1: (page 33-37) 1. a. non-volatile, not lost, volatile 2. b. 4 3. c. 26 4. c. CPU 5. d. 00001011 6. a. Unicode 7. d. CPU 8. e. Logic 9. d. compiler 10. b. design the solution before coding 11. a. Analysis 12. d. iterative development 13. e. none of the above 14. a. maintenance 15. d.
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Unformatted text preview: desk-check the solution 16. a. attributes or characteristics 17. e. encapsulation. 18. e. million, thousand, billion 19. e. All of the above. 20. e. C# provides an easy way to create graphical interfaces. 22. Decimal value for C is: 67 Decimal value for # is: 35 The Unicode decimal value is the same as the ASCII decimal value....
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