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CSE182 Applied Problem Solving with C# Quiz #5 First Name (print): ____________________ Last Name (print):_________________________ Indicate the output that will be produced. Assume the following declarations: const int MAX = 25; const int LIMIT = 100; int num1 = 12, num2 = 25, num3 = 87; 1. if (num1 < MAX) if (LIMIT >= num2) apple Console.WriteLine ("apple"); orange Console.WriteLine ("orange"); 2. if (num2 > 18) if (num1 < 0) Console.WriteLine ("apple"); else orange
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Unformatted text preview: Console.WriteLine ("orange"); pear Console.WriteLine ("pear"); 3. if (num2 < num1) if (num3 < LIMIT) Console.WriteLine ("apple"); else Console.WriteLine ("orange"); pear Console.WriteLine ("pear"); 4. if (num3 >= LIMIT) Console.WriteLine ("apple"); Console.WriteLine ("orange"); orange Console.WriteLine ("pear"); pear 5. if (LIMIT%MAX == 3) Console.WriteLine ("apple"); else if (num2 == MAX) Console.WriteLine ("orange"); orange else Console.WriteLine ("pear");...
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