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1 CSE 182 Exercise 2 (Chapter 1) Solution 1. Give the decimal equivalent of 01011101 and 00100101 01011101 is equivalent to 93 in decimal and 00100101 is equivalent to 37 in decimal 2. Give the binary equivalent of 23 and 47 23 => 00010111 47 => 00101111 3. Microsoft .NET Framework is: a. an operating system b. an application program c. a programming platform d. a compiler e. an IDE 4. A gigabyte is approximately a ____________ bytes a. thousand b. million c. billion d. zillion e. none of these 5. Short Answer Questions:
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Unformatted text preview: Fill in the blanks . a. Software has two major categories, they are System Software and Application Software . b. Procedural programming is process oriented and Object-Oriented programming is object oriented. c. In Object-Oriented programming, a class contains both the attributes and methods and it protects/ manages its own information, this is known as encapsulation . d. List two major advantages to use object-oriented techniques. Re-use of code and ease of maintenance ....
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