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1 CSE182 Appl. Problem Solving with C# (Fall 2009) Mid-term Test #1 First Name: ________________________ Last Name: ____________________________ Please take note of the following: Please write your name in the space above. Go through each question quickly. It is important that you write legibly, unreadable answer will receive no grades. Number of minutes you have: 50 Total points of the test: 90
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2 I: True/False (1 pts each, total 10 pts) Indicate whether the statement is true or false. Write “T” if it is true and “F” if it is false. _ F ___ 1. A forward slash followed by an asterisk /* marks the beginning of the one line comment. _ T ___ 2. Procedural Programming is process oriented, where Object Oriented Programming is object oriented. _ T ___ 3. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. _ F ___ 4. Main memory is non-volatile. _ T ___ 5. In Object-Oriented programming, a class contains both the attributes and methods and it protects/manages its own information, this is known as encapsulation . _ T ___ 6. The Console class is defined in the System namespace. _ F ___ 7. The bool data type can take on values of 0 or 1. _ T ___ 8. The number 00010011 in binary is equivalent to the number 19 in decimal. _ F ___ 9. .NET is a new operating system available from Microsoft. _ F ___ 10. C# is case sensitive, that means the first letter of a class’s name must be upper case. II: Multiple Choice (2 pts each, total 20 pts) Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. _ a __ 1. A megabyte is approximately ____ bytes. a.
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CSE182Midterm1Fall2009Solution-1 - CSE182 Appl Problem...

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