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BIOPL1120 assignment instructions 2010 - BIOPL1120 Issues...

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1 BIOPL1120: Issues in Social Biology: from Diet to Diseases, DNA to Deforestation Readings and independent research will be from current magazines and web sources. Web sources for general news items of biological relevance: NY Times (especially the Science Times on Tuesdays) New Scientist American Scientist Scientific American Science News Discover Economist Science Newsweek Time Sign up for ScienceNow weekly alerts You may need to go via a Cornell library log on to get the full texts. This list is not exclusive; there are many other useful magazines. Use Google as a source to find appropriate articles. Note: Not all popular articles or web sites are reliable and accurate. In general the magazines above are reliable, but if unsure check for confirmatory articles. Avoid dubious web sites, especially ones citing opinions (especially opinions as facts) with no citations or references to the original literature. If in doubt look for confirmation from a reliable web site, such as a scientific journal. For example the Center for Disease Control ( ) can be relied upon, but a web site promoting a certain therapy should be viewed with suspicion until proven accurate. Wikipedia ( ) is pretty good for information, but is open to anyone contributing so is not necessarily 100% reliable.
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2 Presentation instructions Assignment: To consciously prepare three presentations during the semester based on at least three articles/reports found independently, and to deliver these to the discussion group in a clear and knowledgeable fashion. Your talk should last for 5-7 minutes. This is time for no more than 5 slides with pictures or three slides with data, in addition to a title slide. Note that it is very easy to prepare too much, so practice your talk Pick an appropriate topic for the discussion topic of the week. It must include biology. Read at least three articles on that topic, or closely related topics. Check for more details or backup. Eg if the reports comment on a recent paper in the scientific literature you might want to check what it really says. Ask your TA for help in interpretation. You might check for web sites on the topic, or Wikipedia (beware biased opinion-only sites). If relevant research the history a bit. What if anything is promised for the future? Make a topic or title slide.
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BIOPL1120 assignment instructions 2010 - BIOPL1120 Issues...

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