Chem-3000-Lab-7-ver2 - Fall 2009 Chemistry 3000 Cornell...

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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2009 Chemistry 3000 Cornell University Final Project: Meta-Analysis of Experiment 4 Data Last ________________________________ First _____________________ Email: ___________________@ [ ] Christina Cowman [ ] Yingchao (Alex) Yu [ ] Angela Bruneau [ ] Mon PM [ ] Tues AM [ ] Tues PM [ ] Weds PM [ ] Thurs PM Treat this project like a take-home exam: 1. You must work alone. You may not discuss this exam with any other student, even a stu- dent not taking Chemistry 3000. You may ask any course teaching assistant or the course professor a question — in person during office hours is preferable to email. Office hours are posted on the course website. 2. In answering the Final Project questions, you may refer to your own notes, the class text, and any posted homework solutions. You may use the internet and other books as reference material, but you must document what resources you use other than those listed in the pre- vious sentence. Sites that you refer to other than sites widely regarded as being in the public domain, such as the online Microsoft Excel reference manual, must be attributed with a full URL address in your report. 3. The exam is due at NOON on Wednesday 25 November. Turn in your exam to your teaching assistant’s mailbox in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology’s Instructional Office. 4. Before beginning the project, you are responsible for reading and understanding the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity: Please sign the following acknowledgement. Exams turned in without a signed and dated academic integrity statement will be given a zero. I have read, and understand, the Final Project guidelines and the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity ....
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Chem-3000-Lab-7-ver2 - Fall 2009 Chemistry 3000 Cornell...

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