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PRE-LABORATORY EXERCISES 4 Experiment 2 Day 2 Prelab Last ________________________________ First _____________________ Email: ___________________@ [ ] Christina Cowman [ ] Yingchao (Alex) Yu [ ] Angela Bruneau [ ] Mon PM [ ] Tues AM [ ] Tues PM [ ] Weds PM [ ] Thurs PM 1. Following the procedure in Section 2.6.6, 100.00 mL of solution was prepared using 0.1492 g of oyster shell. A 25.00 mL aliquot of this solution, 5 mL of indicator solution, and 3 mL of buffer were combined in a small Erlenmeyer flask and titrated with 31.59 mL of EDTA (the EDTA is 0.01075 M). Determine the mg of Ca per gram of oyster shell in this sample. Report your answer to the appropriate number of significant figures.
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Unformatted text preview: calcium content = ____________________ mg Ca / g oyster shell 2. The population standard deviation for the amount of aspirin in a batch of analgesic tablets is known to be 10 mg of aspirin. A single tablet is randomly selected, analyzed, and found to contain 239 mg of aspirin. What is the 95% condence interval for the population mean? What is the 99% condence interval? 95% condence interval = ____________________ 99% condence interval = ____________________ Cornell University Chemistry 3000 Fall 2009 J. A. Marohn...
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