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PRE-LABORATORY EXERCISES 7 Experiment 3 Day 2 Prelab Last ________________________________ First _____________________ Email: ___________________@ [ ] Christina Cowman [ ] Yingchao (Alex) Yu [ ] Angela Bruneau [ ] Mon PM [ ] Tues AM [ ] Tues PM [ ] Weds PM [ ] Thurs PM The purpose of this prelab is to get you familiar with the one-tailed t test. Hint: Having practiced the t test could be very useful during the analysis section of Experiment 3. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration stipulates that in order for bottled water to be labeled as “mineral water”, it must contain no less than 250 parts per million of dissolved solids. A few clever Cornell Chemistry 3000 students were curious whether they were getting their money’s worth of mineral water and decided to measure the total dissolved solids in their
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Unformatted text preview: favorite brand. They conducted ten trials and obtained the following data (in ppm): 459, 430, 478, 501, 422, 456, 439, 471, 486, and 451. Determine whether the concentration of dissolved solids falls below the FDA requirement at the 95% confidence level using a one-tailed t test. 1. State the null and alternative hypothesis: 2. Calculate t exp : t exp = _______________ 3. Determine t crit at 95% confidence (using Appendix 1B. Note: Read the footnote carefully!). t crit = _______________ 4. Does the student’s mineral water pass the FDA requirement? Explain your answer. Cornell University Chemistry 3000 — Fall 2009 J. A. Marohn...
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