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example goal & approach MS Word 2007 - the lab...

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Example of what your Purpose/Goals and Approach/Game Plan sections should look like: Purpose/Goals: I will find the concentration of calcium in an unknown prepared by the TA. Before attempting to titrate the unknown, I will prepare a Ca-standard solution, use it to standardize EDTA, prepare a calcium indicator, and determine the calcium concentration of a consumer product of known calcium content. Approach/ Game Plan: I will use complexometric titration (ref 1, p xy) with EDTA -- standardized as per procedure in lab manual (ref 2, p xy) and text (ref 1, p xy) -- as the titrant and a solution containing my unknown calcium sample (analyte), a pH 10 buffer, an EBT-based indicator (ref 1, p xy) and sodium hydroxide to counter the acid used to dissolve the sample. The reaction scheme follows: Insert reactions here as shown by Prof Marohn. Include what colors the complexes are on each side of the equation. Step 1: Standardize EDTA (ref 2, p xy) Put a BRIEF outline here of how you will do this. You may include pictures. Do not copy
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Unformatted text preview: the lab manual. Step 2: … Step 3: … and so forth. ***Additional notes***: Insert your references at the bottom of the page that you first cite them on. If you are unsure of how to reference work, please see us in office hours. You may continually cite the same reference, but be sure to include a page number (see examples above.) Remember not to be too wordy. Say just enough so that we know what you are doing. I do not want an essay about how great titration is, etc. If you have questions, see us in office hours immediately with your returned carbon copies. By the time you graduate, you should be able to keep a notebook that will hold up in patent court. You must therefore write your notebook entries in PEN; writing in pencil is simply not acceptable. If you miswrite, draw one thin line through your mistake (do not scratch it out with several marks or write over it.)...
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example goal & approach MS Word 2007 - the lab...

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