He 1100.ppt - _____________________________ Time Management...

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8/28/09 1 HE 1100 Critical Reading and Thinking Metacognition: Knowledge and control over one ʼ s reading and learning activities Active vs. Passive Speaking Writing Listening Reading Monitoring External 1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ Internal 1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ Goals Long term Semester Immediate Goals S M A R T
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8/28/09 2 Specifc Measurable Action Oriented Realistic (Reachable) Time-bound Goals Dreams and Nightmares Dreams (ambitions, hopes, wishes) _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Nightmares (worst expectations) _____________________________ _____________________________
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Unformatted text preview: _____________________________ Time Management Goals: Long term, short term, immediate Plans: Semester, weekly, daily Priorities: A, B, C Procrastination Priorities Do Now ______________________ ______________________ Do Soon ______________________ ______________________ Do Later _____________________ _____________________ DON T DO!!!! _____________________ Procrastination Put goal in writing. List benefts/consequences. Break task into manageable pieces and set interim deadlines. Time Management Matrix Urgent Not Urgent Important Not Important...
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He 1100.ppt - _____________________________ Time Management...

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