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final review - -habit strength...

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Guthrie - - mechanistic model - meaning=mentalistic /cognitive process Tolman - purposive behaviorism - behaviorist - objective observation - S-O-R - learning theory - sign significant - sign/place/latent learning - expectancy theory - purposeful theory - molar therapist - book: Purposive Behavior in Animals and Men Hull - subjects=machines ->mechanism - hypothetico-deduuctive method-> a priori - reductionist/objective - drives- primary (food/water/etc.), and secondary
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Unformatted text preview: -habit strength Loeb-German/zoologist/physiologist/U Chicago-tropism-associative memory-objective/mechanistic-animal psychologist Turner-book: A Preliminary Note on Ant Behavio-black; U Chicago Washburn-book: The Animal Mind-Titchner’s 1 st female student-Cornell Lashley-law of mass action-principle of equipotentiality-Watson’s student-Physiological psych-Brain Mech. And Intelligence...
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final review - -habit strength...

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