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test 2 text review - Ch 5 Titchener structuralism...

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Ch. 5 Titchener - structuralism - focus=mental elements/contents, linked through association - discover nature of conscious experience - component parts of conscious to determine its structure - no women in his Titchener Experimentalists - conscious experience - stimulus error - consciousness=sum of our experiences - pure science - structure of the mind - introspection/self observation - QUALITATIVE - emphasis= parts (not the whole) - atoms of the mind - his subjects= reagents and machines - elements of consciousness o reduce to simplest components o laws by which consciousness is associated o connect elements with physiological conditions - book- Outline of Psychology- 44,500 senses - quality/intensity/duration/clearness (extensity) - one dimension of affections- pleasure/displeasure Introspection- Criticisms - bias - can’t observe yourself - some think it’s a form of retrospection - artificiality/sterility Structuralism - self report - conscious experience Margaret Floy Washburn - 1 st doctoral degree in psychology Wundt - QANTITATIVE - emphasis= whole
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Ch. 6 Functionalism - Darwin changed psych from structure to functions - Study mind as conglomerate/accumulation of functions/processes that lead to practical consequences in the world Darwin - The Origin of Species - Grandfather= Erasmus Darwin - HMS Beagle- Fitzroy- captain; wanted a religious naturalist - survival of the fittest (coined by Spencer) - Essay on the Principle of Population - natural selection - The Descent of Man - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals - facial expressions= innate and uncontrollable manifestations - influence on psych: o Focus on animal psych o Emphasis= functions o Acceptance of methodology/data from many fields o Focus= description/measurement of individuals - focus=individual differences - laid groundwork for functional psychology Erasmus Darwin - God set earth in motion but didn’t intervene to alter animal/plant species to create new ones- this was due to continually adapting changes in the environment
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test 2 text review - Ch 5 Titchener structuralism...

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