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ap Inserts on - (2 on proximal medial tibia-on linea...

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Inserts on: on skin or eyebrow- on tissue of eyelid- on mucosa of lips- on orbicularis oris muscles- on mastoid process of temporal bone- on lateral ramus of mandible- on coronoid process of ramus of mandible- on medial ramus of mandible- on condylar process of mandible- on clavicle, acromion process of scapula, and spine of scapula- on deltoid tuberosity of the humerus- on greater tubercle of the humerus- on lesser tubercle of the humerus on greater tubercle of humerus- on intertubercular groove of the humerus- on greater tubercle of the humerus- on coracoid process of scapula- on olecranon process of ulna- on radial tuberosity of radius- on coronoid process of ulna- proximal to styloid process of radius- on gluteal tuberosity of femur and iliotibial tract-
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on greater trochanter of femur
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Unformatted text preview: (2)- on proximal, medial tibia-on linea aspera-on linea aspera and on medial epicondyle of femur- on medial surface of tibia-on patella via the patellar tendon (4)- on head of fibula and lateral condyle of tibia-on proximal medial portion of tibia- on medial condyle of tibia-on calcaneous bone via the Achilles tendon- in common with gastrocnemius on calcaneous bone via Achilles tendon-on 1 st metatarsal and 1 st cuneiform-on scapula-on superior border of the rib below-on inferior border of rib above-on central tendon-on linea alba and iliac crest-on linea alba, costal cartilages, last 3 or 4 ribs, and pubis-on xiphoid process of sternum, linea alba, and pubis- on costal cartilage of ribs 5-7 and xiphoid process of sternum-...
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