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Syllabus_Spring_2010 - Rev 2 Jan 19 2010 W ELCOME C OURSE...

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Rev. 2 - Jan. 19, 2010 • WELCOME • COURSE SYLLABUS FOR BIOLOGY 1B Spring 2010 Cheating, Plagiarism or Keeping a Copy of a Midterm The students are not allowed to keep the midterms. The reason for this is to allow the instructors to use questions from previous exams. It is very difficult to write clear and meaningful multiple choice questions. If you leave the room with your exam, you will be considered cheating. Your GSI will explain what defines plagiarism. But the most common type is copying from the web and not carefully citing the source. A ‘cut and paste” without quotation marks is plagiarism. Also, paraphrasing a work without citations is plagiarism. BE CAREFUL. GOOGLE IS A VALUABLE RESOURCE TO DETECT PLAGARISM. Cheating is not only dishonest, it is stupid. If you are caught you will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct. Their standard procedure for dealing with first-time cheaters is: 1) An “F” in the class; 2). A letter in your file which identifies you as a cheater. This letter, upon request, will be sent to medical and graduate schools, employers, etc.); 3) Many hours of campus service and ; 4) Risk of suspension or dismissal. It just isn’t worth it. Please read Warning to Cheaters in the Announcements on our web page. Enrolling in a Class Given at the Same Time as Biology 1B Lectures Since Biology 1B is web cast some students are temped to enroll in another class given at the same time as our lectures (MWF 8-9 AM). Biology 1B Final exam is on Monday , May 10, 8-11 AM. This is the same time as Biology 1A. Do not take Biology 1A or any other class in test group 4. You will not be given the final at any other time than 8-11 AM test day. THERE ARE NO LABS OR DISCUSSIONS THIS FIRST WEEK BUT YOU MUST ATTEND LAB AND DISCUSSION NEXT WEEK OR YOU WILL BE DROPPED. IF YOU DO NOT GET INTO BIOLOGY1B TRY BIOLOGY 1A. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE A TWO WEEK DROP DEADLINE. PLEASE READ ENTIRE SYLLABUS BEFORE ASKING THE COORDINATOR QUESTIONS. This syllabus is also on our web page http://ib.berkeley.edu/courses/bio1b/. Also, please become familiar with the web page ASAP. You will use it extensively in this class. Please note that the labs and discussions are linked. You have to take the same lab and discussion section. To switch sections see Switching Sections in this Syllabus. STUDENTS NOT FOLLOWING THESE DIRECTIONS WILL HAVE TO DROP THE CLASS. Instructors: Lewis Feldman Craig Moritz Vincent Resh Course Coordinator: Mike Moser 2-8123 e-mail= [email protected] http://ib.berkeley.edu/courses/bio1b/.
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