Soc Midterm 2 Review

Soc Midterm 2 Review - MIDTERM 2 REVIEW CHAPTER 15 –...

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Unformatted text preview: MIDTERM 2 REVIEW CHAPTER 15 – Information not covered on the STD CHART There Are Several Ways to Reduce the Likelihood of STD Transmission: 1. Abstinence prevents STDs a. People who have no sexual contacts with others cannot acquire or transmit any disease by sexual route b. Completely protects against unwanted pregnancy c. Allows for more time to concentrate on nonphysical aspects of relationships (i.e. career advancement) d. Differences in meaning of “abstinent” 2. Sexually active people can reduce their risk of STDs by their choice of partners. a. Reduce total number of people one has sexual contact w/ b. Select partners who have a low risk of having an STD i. Virgins who enter a relationship = low STD risk c. Again, differences in opinion as to what constitutes “having sex” or “being a virgin” d. Ideally, both partners should be tested before a sexual relationship begins i. Discuss one another’s sexual history (relies on honesty) ii. Visually inspect the other partner – specifically genital areas 3. Some sexual behaviors are riskier than others a. High risk –coitus, anal sex, anilingus i. Anal sex is riskiest in regards to HIV transmission 1. Very easy to tesr and the diseases can pass into your bloodstream b. Moderate risk – oral sex (fellatio or cunnilingus) c. Low risk (not risk free!) – kissing, fondling, hand genital contact, general body contact 4. Condoms are the mainstay of STD prevention a. Proper use is key! i. Natural-tissue (lambskin) condoms are effective as contraceptives, but do not provide adequate STD protection (they are porous) 1. They are too small for sperm to get through but they are big enough for viruses and bacteria to get through ii. Anal sex places greater demands on the condom – extra strength condoms and lubricant are essential b. Female condoms are as effective as male condoms, but not used regularly. Not everything is an STD 1. Folliculitis –often caused from shaving pubic hair 2. Pearly penile papules – harmless little bumps that ring the glans of the penis in some men 3. cysts –could be caused by blockage of mucus ducts(i.e. labia) 4. canker sore –mouth sore that may result from accidental biting/ other causes 98.4 – 126: SEX AND GENDER DIFFERENCES Gender: A Central Aspect of Childhood: 1. Gender –the entire collection of mental and behavioral traits that, to a greater or lesser degree, that differ between males and females 2. Gender identity is the sense of which sex we belong to: 3. Transgendered – having a gender identity that is different than one’s anatomical sex 4. Gender role – The expression of the gender identity in social behavior (i.e. what clothes we 4....
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Soc Midterm 2 Review - MIDTERM 2 REVIEW CHAPTER 15 –...

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