Anthro 2-Final Study Tips

Anthro 2-Final Study Tips - The Future of Food Lectures:...

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ANTH 2 Fall 2009 Final Exam Information Thursday, December 10 4-7 pm Exam Format: 40 questions Multiple Choice NO penalty for guessing- mark an answer for every question! You will have the full three hours to complete the exam, although you should not need that amount of time Exam Procedures: Bring a PINK parscore scantron Find your TA and sit near him/her; you will turn in your exam and scantron to your TA Bubble in your NAME, PERM NUMBER (bring your student ID if you do not have this memorized!), and TEST VERSION (A, B, C, or D). This is very important! Put everything away (notes, papers, texts, etc) in your bag or backpack Turn off and put away all electronic devices permitted (cell phones, ipods, etc) Turn in BOTH your exam and scantron to your TA Exam Content: Films: Ongka’s Big Moka XXXY/Junky Punky Girls
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Unformatted text preview: The Future of Food Lectures: All lectures from Monday 11/2: Family, Kinship, Community to Friday 12/4: Course Summary Readings: Nanda and Warms Culture Counts Ch. 7,8,9,12,13,14 Key terms handout (do not spend time memorizing these, instead be familiar with them in the context of the chapters content) Magazine Golden and Blue Like My Heart (Ch. 1,3,4,6) Dr. Walshs Book Discussion (lecture Fri 11/20) Exam Tips: Study ahead- allow plenty of time to read over lecture notes, film notes, readings Slow down- read each question carefully Dont get stuck- if you are having a hard time with a question, circle or star it on your exam and come back to it (you may write on the exams) Check your test- make sure you have bubbled a choice for every question...
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Anthro 2-Final Study Tips - The Future of Food Lectures:...

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