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Anthro 2-Ethnographic Paper Prompt

Anthro 2-Ethnographic Paper Prompt - 3 Analyze the data...

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ETHNOGRAPHIC PAPER ANTH 2 FALL 2009 WALSH Students enrolled in this course will deliver a five-page ethnographic paper to their TAs after the lecture on November 13. The purpose of this paper is to familiarize students with the process of doing research and writing in sociocultural anthropology. In this paper the student will address the following question: What are the everyday experiences and effects of the current economic recession? To address this question, students are expected to: 1) choose a group to be studied. This group can be defined in terms of occupation, class, race, place, gender or any other social characteristic or identity. Examples of groups include “fast food employees,” “freshman college students,” “neighbors of my parents,” etc. 2) carry out ethnographic fieldwork among five members of this group. Students will utilize ethnographic methods such as interviews, observation and casual conversations, and will record the responses of those people studied.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Analyze the data they generate by using of some of the concepts presented in the course lectures, books and films. The Ethnographic Paper will have four parts: 1) Introduction (1 paragraph): briefly identifies the group studied, the methods used to answer the question, and the main analytical conclusion reached by the student. 2) (1 page) describes the group selected. This includes the reasons for selecting this group, the number of people the student spoke with from that group, and other relevant information. 3) (1 page) describes the methods utilized and the data generated. 4) (3 pages) uses concepts from the course to analyze the data and reach a conclusion about the everyday experiences and effects of the current economic recession. The student will work on this paper in the discussion sections with the TA. There will be no late papers accepted or rewrites....
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