writing in anglais part 1

writing in anglais part 1 - case you were wondering. I...

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Paul Shapiro February 5, 2008 My name is Paul Shapiro. I have a middle name but I prefer not to mention it, due to it not being to my liking. I seriously despise it and hold a certain amount of disdain for my parents for choosing it at the hospital that faithful night. Since I dislike my middle name so much and will not disclose what name it is, I find no reason to dwell on the subject matter any longer. My first name is Paul. It is a mere four letters in length which is perfect for me since my lethargic nature forbids me to write much longer words in cursive. When I sign my name, I write my first name in perfect penmanship but when it comes to me signing the remaining last name I give up and sign a little scribble. I was named under some sort of Jewish tradition of which I am not entirely familiar with. It has something to do with reusing the first letter of the first name of a relative that has been rotting under the earth for a considerable amount of time now. His name was Perry in
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Unformatted text preview: case you were wondering. I haven’t met the man and can’t say that I ever will. I find it to be a great irony that being named from a Jewish tradition that a Christian name was chosen for me. People often associate people with famous people with the same first name as theirs. For me those people were Paul McCartney of the Beatles and the rapper Paul Wall, both of which I hold little similarity. I am neither a pop-rock music legend nor a gangster rapper. However, I do play guitar but Paul McCartney didn’t play guitar; he played bass. My last name, the last of my long list of names, is Shapiro. It is a name that is most-commonly associated with the Jewish people. People that are not Jewish however tend to lack this knowledge and often make the mistake of thinking that I am of Italian heritage. This happens quite frequently and may be the most annoying part of my name. I am forced to explain the truth to the ignorant people that misidentify me....
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writing in anglais part 1 - case you were wondering. I...

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