Econ 100A Syllabus Fall 2009

Econ 100A Syllabus Fall 2009 - ECON 100A: ECONOMIC ANALYSIS...

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1 ECON 100A: ECONOMIC ANALYSIS - MICRO Department of Economics University of California, Berkeley Fall 2009 Instructor: Rika Mortimer Office hours: 12:30-2:30 p.m. Th and by appointment, 697 Evans Hall E-mail: Classroom: Wheeler Auditorium Lecture time: 11 a.m. 12:30 p.m., TuTh Course Description and Goals: This course covers the major topics of intermediate microeconomic theory. It will include: 1) consumer theory, production and cost theory, and perfectly competitive markets; 2) monopoly, imperfectly competitive markets and strategic behavior; and 3) risk and uncertainty, and externalities. As part of Berkeley's Undergraduate Student Learning Initiative (USLI), the Economics Department has developed learning goals for the Economics major (See\ ). The specific learning goals for this course include: Critical Thinking Skills CT1. Apply economic analysis to evaluate everyday problems. CT2. Apply economic analysis to evaluate specific policy proposals. CT3. Compare two or more arguments that have different conclusions to a specific issue or problem. CT4. Understand the role of assumptions in arguments. Problem-Solving Skills PS1. Solve problems that have clear solutions. Communication Skills CS1. Communicate effectively in written, spoken, and graphical form about specific economic issues. Lifetime Learning Skills LL2. Know how to locate and use primary data sources (e.g., BLS Household Survey, UN Human Development Index) LL3. Understand and evaluate current economic events and new economic ideas. General Pre-requisites: An economic principles course (e.g., Econ1, Econ 2, or EE&P 1) and an introductory calculus course (e.g., Math 1A, or 16A). It is not recommended that you take this course simultaneously with the prerequisites. While you are required to have taken a calculus course, we will rely more on verbal, graphical, and algebraic approaches to understand key concepts. Those who would like more theoretical and more quantitative treatment of the same topics covered in this course are encouraged to take Economics 101A.
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2 Course Enrollment: Please follow the standard TeleBears process. Neither I nor GSIs can admit students on the wait list. Those who would like to apply for an instructor approved seat should go to 508-2 Evans Hall and fill out
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Econ 100A Syllabus Fall 2009 - ECON 100A: ECONOMIC ANALYSIS...

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