ECON 121 Syllabus - Aaron S. Edlin Richard Jennings...

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Aaron S. Edlin Richard Jennings Professor of Law and Professor of Economics University of California, Berkeley Economics 121 Industrial Organization and Public Policy Spring 2010 Enrollment Questions: If you have any enrollment questions, you should go to the Head GSI, Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato, (508-2 Evans). Course Description. This course is an introduction to the field of industrial organization. Industrial organization (“I-O”) is a branch of microeconomics that considers the structure, management and performance of firms and markets. We will study the determinants of market structure, firm costs, pricing decisions, the strategic interactions among firms, and the effects of structure and conduct on prices and on non-price dimensions of market performance. The emphasis will not be on learning facts but on learning how to think like an I-O economist. Industrial organization is an expansive field in microeconomics. It provides a foundation for the study of many other fields that rely on an understanding of interactions among firms in the economy, including antitrust policy, regulation and business strategy. The focus of industrial organization is the effect of market structures on consumer welfare and efficiency (for example, do monopolistic market structures necessarily hurt consumers?) We will also consider government strategies to intervene in markets and evaluate which strategies are helpful. Some of the questions we will address are: What determines how much market power a firm has? What are the consequences of concentration for consumer welfare?
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ECON 121 Syllabus - Aaron S. Edlin Richard Jennings...

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