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Introduction to Psychology Day 1 topics Syllabus, technical issues Looking ahead Welcome! Your instructor: •M i c h a e l Souza mjsouza@berkeley.edu •P h . D . Candidate, Psychology • B.A., M.A. from UC Davis •M y research investigates rehabilitation of mental functions after impairment Course details • Psychology! •MW F 3:10 4:00, 100 GPB •C o u r s e website http://bspace.berkeley.edu • Announcements, lecture slides, grades, etc. • Office hours •MW 4:00 5:00, Pat Brown’s Your textbook •C o s t : •H a r d c o v e r = $116 ($99+FS, Amazon ) •E
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This note was uploaded on 02/12/2010 for the course PSYCH 2 taught by Professor Don'tremember during the Spring '04 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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01_syllabus_introduction_6 - Welcome! Psychology2:...

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