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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 3 topic The scientific method Other issues Scientific ethics Studying psychology Why is it so challenging? 1. Complexity Causes/consequences not cut and dry (not always a Æ b!) 2. Variability Incredible variability in the population…how can we explain (and even predict ) it? 3. Reactivity Demand characteristics, appeasement Scientific Method Define the question Gather information, fact finding Form hypothesis Setup/perform experiment Analyze and interpret data Form new hypothesis, possibly retest/replicate Define the question What’s interesting? Some examples from my lab : How does brain create goals? Development of reasoning? Cognition and video games? SES and school achievement? Emotion regulation? …name some others! Gather information, fact finding What do we already know, and what do we need to investigate? Literature search
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03_methods_6 - Studyingpsychology Psychology2:...

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