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Introduction to Psychology Day 9 topics Dorsal and ventral stream Object recognition Depth perception Neuropsychological disorders Two streams of processing What does the brain want to know? What is out there? (Ventral, temporal lobe) Where is it? (Dorsal, parietal lobe) The amazing visual system Perceptual segmenting what belongs to an object? one object vs. another? Perceptual consistency Sensory signal variable, perception the same! Object recognition Ventral stream Template theory Represent everything you’ve ever encountered Prototype theory Represent the average member of a category (i.e. dog) Geon theory Recognition by parts, basic parts make up everything Depth perception Dorsal steam Types of depth cues Monocular (one eye) Familiar size, linear perspective Binocular (both eyes) Binocular disparity Motion based Motion parallax Some impairments of visual processing Eye or path to the brain Cone based colorblindness Tunnel vision Occipital lobe Scotoma
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09_Vision_II_6 - Psychology2 What...

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