16_Language_I_6 - Explicit instruction Dynamic generation...

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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 16 topics Components of language Language learning Story of Genie Aspects of language Communication and language Some interesting aspects : Displacement Arbitrariness Productivity Learnability Core components of language Phonology Morphology Semantics Syntax Pragmatics Phonology and phonemes /ba/ and /pa/ Cross language variability Bantu and clicks Phonological rules Morphology and morphemes Bound vs. free morphemes “unbreakable” “football” “panthers” Content vs. functional morphemes “shoes,” “and,” “human” Semantics Literal meaning (Potential) sources of confusion Effect of context
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Syntax Syntactical rules Noun, verb Surface vs. deep structure Jim ate the burrito The burrito was eaten by Jim Goal of formal education Pragmatics Indirect speech Metaphors Sarcasm How do we learn language? Behaviorist account Limitations
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Unformatted text preview: : Explicit instruction Dynamic generation Types of errors (i.e. “runned”) Nativist theory (Noam Chomsky) Language Acquisition Device (LAD) Parsing (Jenny Saffron) Statistical regularities in language Is there a critical period for proper language learning…? The unfortunate case of Genie Severely abused young girl Confined until the age of 13 Could only whimper Never fully developed normal language Telegraphic speech Lack of language explosion Right side of brain video Can non ‐ humans learn language? Nim Chimsky Kanzi Can: Learn words and meanings Construct simple sentences Limited evidence for: Complex, generative sentences Some evidence for overlapping brain networks for language Neural structures for language Wednesday: Neurological complications with language...
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16_Language_I_6 - Explicit instruction Dynamic generation...

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