19_Sleep_6 - Evidence from deprivation Bodily regulation...

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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 19 topics Stages of sleep Sleep disorders Dreaming We need sleep! Almost 74% of all Americans do not get enough sleep Most will feel sleepy or groggy during the week. 51% of adults say they have problems sleeping at least a few nights each week. Almost 1/3 have trouble sleeping every night. Half of all Americans can not get up without an alarm clock. Those with sleep problems are twice as likely to feel stressed and tired. National Sleep Foundation, 2002 Annual Sleep Survey Sleep Altered state of consciousness We all sleep, day/night cycle 24 hour cycle Dolphins/whales Fractionating the sleep process EEG recordings during sleep 5 relatively distinct stages The paradox of REM sleep Progression of sleep was fast Æ slow REM sleep High frequency brain waves Darting eye movements Increased heart rate, breathing rate Progressing through a night’s sleep
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Functions of sleep
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Unformatted text preview: Evidence from deprivation Bodily regulation Attention and performance Learning and memory Emotion regulation Practical implications? Some disorders of sleep Insomnia Exacerbated by stress Sleep apnea Narcolepsy Sleep paralysis (night terrors) video Dreaming Five major characteristics Intense emotion Illogical thought Vividness Uncritical acceptance Difficulty with remembering Just before you go to bed… Functions of dreaming? Freud and the unconscious Latent, inappropriate thoughts Activation ‐ synthesis model Interpreting random neural firing Memory consolidation Slow ‐ wave and procedural memory? REM sleep and other types of memory? What do you think? Final thoughts on sleep Sleep schedules change over our lifetime Individual differences? Many psychological disorders associated with sleep issues Wednesday: Consciousness...
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19_Sleep_6 - Evidence from deprivation Bodily regulation...

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