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Introduction to Psychology Day 25 topics Early biological development Early motor development Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development Developmental Psychology Biological development Physical and neurological growth Cognitive development Mental growth Social development Intra and extra personal growth Moral development Fundamental biological stages Germinal stage (conception–Week 2) Fertilization and implantation Embryonic stage (Week 2 8) Cell division and differentiation Fetal stage (Week 9 Birth) Rapid growth, organ maturation Brain development Cell migration and myelination Vulnerable to teratogens Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) Facial birth defects Lips and eyes Neurological damage Basic motor development Reflexes Rooting Sucking Babinski Voluntary control Cephalocaudal Proximodistal Promoting abilities Stimulation! Cognitive development How do these functions develop? Jean Piaget (1896
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25_Development_BioCog_6 - DevelopmentalPsychology...

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