29_Stress_II_6 - Performance and motivation How can we...

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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 29 topics Bodily stress response Effects of chronic stress Stress management General adaptation syndrome (GAS) Physiological reaction to stress Fight or flight response HPA axis Great in short term but problematic in long term Long term health impacts Immune response More susceptible to illness Heal slower than normal Cardiovascular health Consistently high blood pressure Damage to blood vessels (CHD) Cumulative effects of lifetime Individual differences in stress response Type A personality Easily aroused hostility, impatience, competitive achievement strivings Underlying cause–low self esteem? Type B personality Patient, relaxed, easy going Type A – increased risk of CVD Stress induced psychological conditions Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Chronic physiological arousal Recurrent unwanted thoughts/images Not just limited to war situations (9/11) Hippocampus volume and susceptibility Burnout Physical/emotional/mental exhaustion
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Unformatted text preview: Performance and motivation How can we avoid burnout? Stress management Mind management Body management Situation management Other factors to consider Mind management Repressive coping Ignore it! Rational coping Think about it! Reframing Think about it in a different way Examples…? Body management Relaxation Reduce muscle tension, slow it down Biofeedback Conscious control of your ‘system’ Exercise Related to serotonin release? Situation management Social support Look to others for support Reciprocate support! Humor Can be helpful in the short ‐ term Does it really cause well ‐ being? Other things to consider Optimism Fairly stable personality trait A good outlook has its benefits! Hardiness Commitment, control, challenge Perspective What should I really stress out about? Avoid stressful situations Sexual risks, smoking, etc. Appreciate the power of the mind...
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29_Stress_II_6 - Performance and motivation How can we...

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